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What material is ice silk fabric, what are the advantages and disadvantages of ice silk fabric?

What is the material of ice silk fabric:

Ice silk is another name for viscose. It is also called rayon. Wood is the main raw material of ice silk. It is made by remodeling the fiber molecules extracted from natural wood fibers. Its cellulose content is more than 99%, and the rest are mainly wax and fat, and of course some trace elements are included.

The advantages of ice silk fabric:

Ice silk is a plant fiber, which has good moisture absorption and air permeability and is very compatible with human skin. Many intimate clothes such as underwear and T-shirts are made of ice silk fabrics, and plant fibers are green and environmentally friendly fibers, and ice silk fabrics are also environmentally friendly. fabric.

Ice silk has a wide range of uses. In addition to textile and clothing, ice silk is also used in furniture and auto parts.

Ice silk has anti-ultraviolet and anti-static properties, the fabric is not easy to generate static electricity even in dry winter, and its good drape makes the fabric popular with consumers.

The fabric is easy to dye and has good color fastness, and the ice silk is not easy to fade after washing and drying.

Disadvantages of ice silk fabric:

The fabric is easy to combine with the stain and become dirty, so the fabric needs to be washed frequently, and it is not easy to take care of.

Ice silk itself is not resistant to acid and alkali, so try to avoid contact with such substances as much as possible. Use neutral detergent to wash clothes. After washing, fuzzing or pilling cannot be avoided.

The wear resistance of the fabric is poor, so it may leave wrinkles after friction, and the fabric is not easy to recover after being deformed by external force.

Ice silk fabrics are not washable, and the fabrics will shrink after long-term washing.

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