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What kind of bib does a newborn use

Many babies start drooling when they are five months old, and this phenomenon continues until they are one or two years old. At this time, it is best for the mother to put on a bib or wipe with a handkerchief, which can not only make the baby cleaner and more beautiful, but also develop good hygiene habits.

Bib products on the market include vest type and blouse type, and some have adjustable necks, which are suitable for babies to use across months. 1. It is generally made of pure cotton material, which is breathable, soft, comfortable, and has good water absorption. Babies don’t have to worry about getting their clothes wet when they drink, eat, or drool. Some have a viscose design for easier wearing. 2. Do not use bibs made of rubber, plastic or tarpaulin, especially in colder weather or when children have skin allergies. If used, it is best to cover the outside of this type of bib with a cotton bib.

3. The bib should not be too large, and there should not be a lot of lotus leaf or woven lace around it. The style is generous and lively. 4. Young babies are more suitable for using bibs, which are very convenient to put on and take off and change and wash. 5. The lace-up bib should not be tied too tightly. It is best not to wear it after feeding or when the baby is playing alone to avoid accidents. 6. The main function of the bib is to prevent dirt, do not use it as a handkerchief. It is best to use a handkerchief to wipe saliva, tears, snot, etc.

Soft and breathable bibs are mainly made of cotton, and rubber or plastic bibs are not very suitable for children. Especially in winter, bibs made of this kind of material are easy to bring cold discomfort to the baby. If you have to choose this type of bib, it is better to make a layer of cotton lining only on the part of the bib that touches the skin. The size of the bib should be selected according to the actual situation of the baby. It is not good if it is too large or too small. The most important thing is the convenience of wearing and taking off. In addition, bibs should also be washed frequently to avoid bacterial growth.

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