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What Is the Melton Wool Fabric?

Wheaten, also known as Melton, is a high-quality woolen fabric, named after it was first produced in Melton Mowbray, England. Melton has a fine and smooth surface, strong bones and elasticity. There is a fine fleece covering the fabric shading, good wear resistance, no pilling, good warmth retention, and has the characteristics of water resistance and wind resistance. Melton is one of the high-end products in woolen fabrics.

Melton generally uses fine-branched loose wool mixed with some short hairs as raw materials to spin into 62.5-83.3tex wool yarn, mostly two-up and two-down or two-up and down twill weave.

Melton's raw materials are all wool (sometimes no more than 10% nylon staple fibers are mixed in to increase the strength and abrasion resistance of the fabric, still called full wool fabrics), wool viscose or wool brocade viscose blended. The raw material ratio of pure wool products is often made of 60-64 count wool or more than 80% of first-class improved wool and less than 20% of combed short hair. Blended products are blended with 60-64 counts of quality or 50%-70% of first-class wool, below 20% of combed short hair, and 20%-30% of viscose and synthetic fibers. The linear density of spun yarn ranges from 62.5-100tex (10-16 male counts).

According to the unit mass of the finished product, it is divided into two types: thin Melton (205-342g/m2) and thick Melton (343-518g/m2). At present, the unit mass of Melton products produced in large quantities in China is mostly 450-490g/m2.

According to the different weave structure, Melton is divided into three types: Plain Melton, Twill Melton, and Variation Melton. At present, most of the mass-produced twill weave Melton are a kind of woolen wool. Melton mainly uses piece-dyed plain colors, with colors ranging from upper blue, primary color, black, red and green solutions, etc., suitable for winter suits, tops, pants, long and short coats and shoes and hats.

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