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What expertise and skills does the clothing industry need to purchase?

Corporate purchasing strategy thinking( purchasing system) The epidemic period is the severe winter of many enterprises, whether purchasing raw materials or household goods, so many enterprise managers experience the situation.As the international situation becomes more complex and the probability of Black Swan events increases, the "force majeure" facing corporate procurement in the mid- to long-term is likely to increase, and it is worth considering whether corporate procurement strategies can cope with these potential crises.

1 Need clarity and accuracy in purchasing

Small and medium-sized business purchasing staff often suffer from uncertain purchasing needs.Let's take a look at the problems in the case.

1. Commodity name is not standard.The first choice shall be carried out in accordance with the state and industry norms, and enterprises without norms shall be clearly defined to avoid the situation of multiple persons.The chef's probably talking about Nishi.The gourd, where Company A is located, is used to call it pumpkin, and it happens to be a local specialty.That's why I made a fool of myself.

2. Process irregularity

3, Volume, unit, model (specification), arrival time is unclear: even if it is an unexpected temporary purchase demand, it can be described as "before 13:00 pm, please pick"Buy 2 root pumpkins (20-25cm long, 4.5-5.5cm diameter, fresh) and send them to Dong-gu Gate.

"If there is a chance that things will go bad, however unlikely, it will happen."Everyone may have heard of Murphy's law.Purchasing needs is a follow-up.Basics, eliminate the possibility of "badening" as much as possible, otherwise the damage may escalate gradually in the later stages.

Purchase Execution

02human factors

Ideal purchasing team:Integrated professional knowledge, serious work ethic, solid professional skills (data parsing, negotiation, resource integration, procurement file compilation and organization evaluation), rich cross-disciplinary knowledge and strong exploration spirit.

Not all the ideal conditions.Achievement, but integrity of professional knowledge is necessary, and is the bottom line of purchasers.Corruption originates from the liquid production of fungi, which is like offering a bribe to everywhere, but by destroying the environment in which they are formed, they lose their breeding ground.When it comes to corporate procurement, the corrupt environment is the high level of bad suppliers.The common means of profit margin is to fill the bottom line with good ones and short of jin.Therefore, good acceptance and price monitoring would destroy the environment in which corruption thrives and prevent most of the bad behavior.

Information Systems: Real,simple

simple buying and selling systemThe basic purchasing needs can be met, and a small electrical factory can greatly improve data accuracy and completeness by using VF's input and storage system for interns.

We have a system. For recordings.Inmates should be trained regularly. Data must be true, accurate, consistent and provide a solid foundation for purchasing.

System : Rule of LawDon't let people rule how many excellent enterprises fail to control themselves; the name of the cocoon is "human rule."

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