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What are the commonly used fabrics for underwear? What's the function?

The underwear fabric determines the performance of the underwear. The comfort level of underwear of different fabrics is naturally different, and there are many types of fabrics. In order to help you choose the underwear that suits you, the No. 3 fabric hall in this article will give you a popular understanding of the commonly used underwear fabrics. and what functions they have.

silk underwear

Silk, known for its lightness and softness, is the preferred fabric for underwear production. The unique charm of silk is favored by female friends. In addition to excellent comfort, silk underwear also has certain health care functions, because of the breathability and hygroscopicity of silk. They are all excellent and play an important role in regulating human body temperature. Silk fabrics have won the title of "the second batch of people".

hemp fiber

Hemp fiber is extracted from the stem of hemp. Although the texture is slightly thick and easy to wrinkle, there is no doubt about the breathability of hemp, especially in summer, the underwear of hemp fiber can bring you a cool feeling. In addition, hemp is more wear-resistant and elastic, and is one of the more popular underwear fabrics.

cotton fabric

Cotton fabrics have the effect of absorbing sweat and breathability. The key is that the warmth and comfort are excellent, and they are more suitable for the production of underwear. Of course, there are some underwear fabrics blended with cotton and other fibers, which can make the underwear have a better support effect. , From the aesthetic point of view, cotton underwear has a more natural and simple youthful atmosphere.

Other underwear fabrics

In addition to the above-mentioned underwear fabrics, there are also chemical fiber fabrics such as polyester and nylon. They also have the characteristics of moisture absorption, but the overall quality is not as good as the above ones.

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