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Universal diaper pad

The baby changing pad is a life care product for the baby. The changing pad is not a diaper or a diaper. Its main function is to isolate urine to ensure that the mattress or mattress below is not soaked with urine, and the changing pad is wet. It's best to replace it immediately to keep your baby's butt dry.

Refined with high-quality non-woven fabrics, it is soft and does not irritate your baby's tender skin. High strength, not easy to break. When using, put the diaper pad on the diaper, the water will penetrate into the diaper through the pores of the pad, and at the same time, it can effectively prevent the backflow of water and keep the surface dry all the time. After use, you only need to discard the pad and wash the diaper, saving mother time and effort.

Usually the urine pad consists of three layers. The surface layer is generally 100% pure cotton to ensure softness and comfort. The interlayer is cotton with strong water absorption, which can absorb urine in time. PVC and other plastic materials, a new polyester composite fabric has been launched on the market, which is softer and less allergic.

As for how to use the diaper pad, it is recommended that you put it directly on the child's body. When the weather is cold, you can put a comfortable sheet on it, and when the weather is hot, you can put a thin sheet on it. When the child is wet, the diaper can be removed directly. If the diaper pad is also wet, it can be taken out and washed, and then replaced with a new one.

The diaper pad can prevent the baby from flooding the little butt with urine. Even if the diaper pad is wet, it is still soft and soft. There are many types of diaper pads, and it is recommended to choose a better quality standard.

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