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The knowledge of the gauze towel

Most of the baby's skin is alkaline and has no ability to resist bacteria. Therefore, it is best not to use products such as shower gel when bathing your baby, which will increase the alkalinity of your baby's skin. At the same time, the baby should not take more than five minutes in each bath. After washing, you should dry your baby's body with a towel as soon as possible, apply an emollient oil to fully absorb it, and then put on the baby's clothes

After the baby is born, it needs to be cleaned regularly, but because the baby does not sweat a lot every day, it is not necessary to take a bath every day. But you need to pay great attention to the selection of baby's toiletries, especially the towels that directly touch the baby's skin. So, how many layers do newborn gauze towels need?

Generally speaking, two layers are enough. In the selection of towels, you must choose pure cotton fabrics with good water absorption. Before using the towel, it is best to scald the towel with hot water. This can play a role in disinfection and sterilization, but also make the towel softer. It does not rub against the baby's skin during use.

The gauze towel is made of pure cotton, which has good hygroscopicity. It is soft and not stiff in contact with the skin. The three layers of gauze are superimposed, which makes the water absorption stronger. It can absorb the water by gently pressing, and it is dry and no residue, so that the baby's skin will not Hurt.

Antibacterial and mite removal. The gauze towel material is light, thin and breathable, easy to clean, can be quickly dried, can effectively inhibit the growth of bacteria, is close to the skin, has no irritation, no peculiar smell, and is healthier to use.

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