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The difference between a saliva towel and a bib

The saliva towel is a product that is used when the child has a lot of saliva. As for the bib, it is used when eating, and it is different for the face. When children are small, drooling is not ruled out due to teething. It is normal for drooling during teething and teething!

After the baby is four months old, the salivary glands will gradually develop. At this time, the baby's saliva will increase a lot, so the saliva wipes can be used to help the baby wipe saliva, milk and various complementary foods, and protect the clothes.

In addition to wiping saliva, the saliva towel can also wash your face, wipe sweat and take a bath. When my mother is cleaning, she only needs to twist a few times and then put it outside to dry.

A bib is a cloth that children wrap around their chests, often tied around their necks to keep their clothes clean. Due to the gradual development of the baby's salivary glands and the incoordination of lips closing and swallowing, bibs are needed to protect them from hygiene and cleanliness.

The bib should be changed and washed frequently. The replaced bib should be scalded with boiling water after each cleaning. It is best to dry it in the sun for use. Cavity discomfort, gum discomfort, and infants have poor ability to swallow saliva, or are less able to swallow saliva on their own. The former is generally made of natural pure cotton, with a soft texture and good quality. The inner layer has a TPU waterproof membrane, which has a great waterproof effect. The baby is very comfortable to use, and there are no adverse effects. The latter are mostly made of plastic and rubber. Although they are waterproof, they can irritate your baby's chin and small hands.

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