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Some issues that we need to pay attention to when purchasing children's clothing(II)

How to choose children's clothes

1. Parents should also pay attention to the choice of texture when choosing children's clothing. All cotton should be avoided, and chemical fibers should be avoided. First of all, all cotton fabrics are relatively soft, and children's skin is relatively delicate. All cotton fabrics can gently touch the baby's skin and play a very good protection. And chemical fiber fabrics are often harder, which is easy to scratch the baby's skin and cause infection; secondly, the cotton fabric has good air permeability, which will not hinder the evaporation of sweat and make the baby feel comfortable. And chemical fiber fabrics do not have this feature. Often the baby sweats and does not evaporate in time, which causes the baby's clothes to be wet. If the clothes are not changed in time, it is easy to catch a cold.

2. In terms of color selection, light colors should be avoided, and bright colors should be avoided. The brightly colored fabrics often contain a lot of chemical dyeing residues, which can easily cause the baby to suffer from skin diseases, so be careful when choosing. At the same time, it should also be noted that some overly whitish fabrics are actually added with fluorescent agents, which needs to be identified by mothers when choosing.

3. In the choice of workmanship, it is advisable to be meticulous, avoid shoddy manufacturing, and the production of small clothes should be delicate and meticulous, with few burrs, careful stitching, and removal of thread ends, so as to ensure that the baby wears comfortably and is not scratched by rough clothing.

4. In the choice of size, it should be loose, avoid tightness, the baby is active, if the clothes are too tight, it will not be conducive to the stretching and activities of his limbs, long-term lack of activities, the baby is prone to illness. Provide loose clothes for the baby, the baby can move flexibly and freely, not only in a happy mood, but also strengthen the exercise, which is good for the baby's health.

The choice of material

Because the baby is lively and active, and has no awareness of protecting clothes, the fabric of children's clothing should be strong, durable and not easy to damage; at the same time, the comfort of the fabric should also be considered. Do not choose synthetic fabrics for children. Clothes made of chemical fiber fabrics, especially underwear, when the human body moves, the friction between the skin and the clothes, and between the clothes and the clothes will generate static electricity.

Static electricity has a strong vacuuming effect, which not only damages clothes, but also affects health. When the static voltage reaches a certain level, static sparks will be generated. feeling), although the current is minimal and not dangerous, it can be uncomfortable and frightening to the child.

Children's clothing should be mainly made of pure cotton fabrics. Because the clothes are close to the skin, there is friction between the two, which will be sensitive to children's skin, so it is necessary to specially require the fabric to have good hygroscopicity and good ventilation, and cotton fabrics just meet this requirement, especially for children to wear For sportswear, it is necessary to consider these requirements. When some quiet children buy clothes, they can recommend some soft and elastic clothes, such as clothes made of cotton, silk, wool, etc., which are not only comfortable and natural to wear on the body, but also can greatly improve It shows the purity and spirituality of children, and can give people a feeling of elegance and intelligence.

For naughty children, we might recommend them to wear denim clothes. Because of their strong texture, this kind of clothes is extremely wear-resistant. When naughty children wear it, it is not easy to get dirty or damaged, and it is not easy for sports children to wear it. This kind of clothes is very stylish, and it looks more physically strong, cute and spiritual.

In addition, children's clothing is also special in the consumer groups it targets, not only to meet the baby's preferences and needs, but also to meet the preferences and vision of their parents. Therefore, buying children's clothing is a test of parents' understanding of children's clothing and their cognition of the actual needs of their babies.

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