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Some issues that we need to pay attention to when purchasing children's clothing(I)


Children's clothing should be fully considered for its characteristics and should be flexible, ventilated, comfortable, safe and healthy, and should be noted as follows:

I. Various Logos on Children's Clothes

1. Whether there is a trademark and a Chinese factory name on the product. This is one of the important evidences for consumers to protect their legitimate rights and interests. Because the manufacturer has only clearly marked the trademark and the factory name, that is, it has established its obligation to be responsible for the product. Products without trademarks and Chinese factory names are very likely to be products produced by informal manufacturers or counterfeit products. The price is generally low, and consumers are easily deceived. Do not choose such products when purchasing products.

2. Whether there is a clothing size mark on the product. The size mark is the code of the clothing specification, which matches the height, fatness and thinness of the consumer. The number and the model are separated by a slash. For example, the top is 145/68, which means that it is suitable for children with a height of 145cm and a bust of about 68cm. The purchase of children's clothing should be based on the characteristics of children's growth and development and the characteristics of children's lively and active nature. Generally, slightly loose clothes should be selected to facilitate the growth of children.

3. Whether there is an ingredient label on the product, mainly refers to the ingredient label of the fabric and lining of the garment, and the percentage of various fiber content should be clear and correct. Clothing with fillers should also indicate the composition and content of fillers.

4. Whether there is a graphic symbol and description of the washing logo on the product. And understand the method requirements of washing and maintenance. Generally, manufacturers will mark the washing requirements and maintenance methods of clothing according to the selected fabrics. Consumers can wash and maintain according to the washing and maintenance methods provided by the manufacturer. If there is a quality problem, the manufacturer should be responsible. If the consumer does not follow the manufacturer's express method of washing and there is a problem, the consumer should be responsible.

5. Whether there is a product certificate, product implementation standard number, product quality grade and other marks on the product. The permanent logo of children's clothing should be made of soft materials and sewn in appropriate parts. Care should be taken to avoid direct contact with children's skin to prevent damage to children's skin due to friction.

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