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Should a newborn wear a onesie or a split?

First, the characteristics of the jumpsuit

There are many kinds of jumpsuits, which are more in the eyes of us treasure mothers. Because the onesie is looser than the one-piece, and it can better take care of the child's stomach from getting cold, even if it is a little troublesome to exchange for the urine ring, it becomes very simple, and the child's body will not catch a cold because of it.

But jumpsuits are not all advantages or disadvantages. The biggest problem lies in the buttons. For safety reasons, most of the jumpsuits are designed with a lot of buttons for links instead of zippers. Therefore, in When putting on and taking off, it may bring some trouble to the mother.

Second, the characteristics of split clothing

Now the split clothes for newborns sold in shopping malls are special clothes for infants and young children. As a garment with only two straps for linking, it is obviously convenient when putting on and taking off children. However, its style may cause the child's belly to be unfavorably covered, which will cause the child's lower abdomen to catch a cold.

But for the big project of taking off and changing the one-piece suit, the split suit is much better. If the top is soiled with milk, it can be replaced and cleaned at any time. If the pants are soiled with feces, it may also be replaced and cleaned at any time. And the jumpsuit will be a lot more verbose at this point.

You must be confused when you see this. After talking for a long time, should I choose a conjoined or a split? In fact, the focus of choosing clothes for children is not on conjoined and split, as long as the style meets our aesthetic standards. This comprehensive and soft children's clothing is recommended. The fabrics are exquisite, skin-friendly and comfortable, giving the baby the safest care.

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