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Shirt fabric and mulberry silk fabric

shirt fabric

Thomas Mason from the UK, Alumo from Switzerland, Monti from Italy, Leggiuno from Italy, Testa from Italy and Albini from Italy are all good fabric factories. The next time you see a big brand shirt with a fabric label on it, you will know that its shirts are good.

Summary of the characteristics of mulberry silk fabrics

Plain Crepe Satin: Regular fabric, smooth, shrinks a lot, can be used as a shirt. Well maintained, not easy to wrinkle

Crepe de chine: Uneven and breathable. Wear it casually as a skirt, it is easy to wrinkle.

Bi crepe: thicker than crepe de chine, thick twill, shrinking greatly, easy to wrinkle when worn casually as a skirt.

Aya: Twill, not comfortable to wear, thin. Ordinary fabrics (in ancient silk fabrics, silk, silk, brocade, Qi, Luo, yarn, silk, and silk are good silk fabrics, and silk and silk are not worth much, so it is said | "half a piece of red silk and ten feet of silk"

Georgette: easy to hook silk, useless except to make scarves

Double palace silk: rough, tight and crisp, soft in color, with pimples, good for evening dresses and shirts, not easy to wrinkle.

Taffeta: Degummed, flat, crisp, hard, but there will be permanent creases, can only be hung, good for evening dress, not easy to wrinkle.

Jacquard silk: The front silk (pattern material) is jacquard on the reverse side silk (base material), which is divided into positive and negative. Keeps well and does not wrinkle easily.

Heavyweight silk: 16 mommy or more is very close to heaven. Not easy to wrinkle.

Mommy, that is, the unit weight of silk, gram weight, expressed in mm, generally more than 12mm can be called heavy silk, Hermes silk scarves are as expensive as wool, because it reaches more than 22mm. But the mommy number is not the only criterion for silk, it also includes the printing and dyeing process.

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