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Selection of fabrics for baby clothes

0-1 year old baby's clothing fabric selection

Babies aged 0-1 have very delicate skin, so the fabrics you choose should be soft and comfortable. From the perspective of physiological characteristics, infants tend to sweat, the defecation function is not perfect, and the adaptability to the outside temperature is slow, so the fabrics of the baby's romper, jumpsuit, pajamas and other intimate clothing are not only required to quickly absorb sweat , but also resistant to washing, high heat retention.

Therefore, the fabric of baby clothes at this stage is preferably all cotton. Such fabrics are soft to the touch, non-irritating, will not damage the baby's tender skin, and meet the requirements of the baby's growth.

Clothing fabric selection for 1-2 year olds

Children aged 1-2 are more active, so the fabrics of their clothing should be comfortable and easy to exercise. In addition to cotton fabrics, chemical fiber fabrics can also be used for fabrics. In autumn and winter, children's shirts, sweaters, jackets and other clothing that are in direct contact with the outside world pay more attention to factors such as dirt resistance and easy washing, and can choose velveteen, corduroy and other fabrics.

Today's manufacturers will also carry out special treatment on some common fabrics, improve the weaving process, so that the texture of the fabric becomes soft and smooth, with better air permeability, which is more suitable for the growth needs of babies; sometimes some smart fabrics are also used.

The format of baby clothes The baby clothes of 0-2 years old are not as obvious as men's clothes and women's clothes like children's clothes over 2 years old. When choosing children's clothes in this era, attention should be paid to the child's body health and comfortable wearing, such as easy to put on and take off. Appearance and generosity should be considered comprehensively in the choice of clothing. The format therefore opts for a clean design with minimal seams.

Baby clothes have developed from a single monk-collar baby clothes to a variety of convenient and elegant formats. Parents also have a lot of room to choose, but when choosing baby clothes, they should pay attention to the following points:

1. It is not advisable to choose clothes that are put on from the head, so as not to be inconvenient to put on and take off, causing the child to be irritable and crying.

2. Babies under one year old can wear diapers; when babies are one year old, they can wear full crotch pants. Of course, taking into account the child's urination. You can put a pair of full-crotch pants on the outside of the crotch pants, which is not only hygienic and elegant, but also convenient for children to put on and take off when they defecate.

3. The weight of the clothes should not be concentrated on the waist. Some parents put elastic belts on the waist of the children's pants, so that the waist is too heavy, which is not good for the child's development.

4. The children's shirts and coats should be selected as far as possible in the front, so that they can distinguish themselves before and after and in the future to dress by themselves.

5. Don't choose clothes that are cumbersome and can't get dirty and wrinkled, and dress up your child like an adult or a doll. Such restrictive clothes are very unfavorable to your child's growth and development.

Scientifically choosing the format of clothing is conducive to the growth and development of children, as well as participating in sports and games, which are beneficial to their intellectual and emotional development.

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