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Is it better to choose washed cotton or pure cotton for baby sheets

It is better to choose washed cotton for baby sheets than to choose pure cotton. Washed cotton is a modern production process, mainly using cotton as the main material, which is the most common bedding fabric and clothing fabric nowadays. Compared with pure cotton, washed cotton is better than the former. First of all, washed cotton has the softness of wearing cotton, and because of the special process, washed cotton is less likely to shrink and deform than pure cotton, and it has the characteristics of strong washing resistance. , It is very suitable for babies, because babies spend most of the time on the bed, and it is easy to stain the sheets, so they need to be washed frequently. In addition to being highly washable, washed cotton is also soft, comfortable, and colorfast. It is not only suitable for infants and young children, but also suitable for some people with sensitive skin. For details, you can Refer to the following four points:

1. Cotton cloth as material: Washed cotton is made of cotton cloth. After special treatment, the surface tone and luster of the fabric are softer and the hand feel is very soft;

2. No ironing: This fabric has the advantages of not easily deformed, no fading, and free of ironing;

3. Washable: Washable cotton is washable and has good tensile strength, which is unmatched by pure cotton;

4. Softness: The surface of the better washed cotton cloth has a uniform layer of plush, which has a unique style and is softer and more comfortable than pure cotton.

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