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Foreign trade terms | What do PO, PI, CI, PL mean and what do they represent?

What do the foreign trade terms PO, PI, CI, PL mean and what do they represent?

Answer: po, pi, ci, pl are all foreign trade terms, meaning Po= purchase order (the order that the customer sends to you), Pi=proforma invoice((the proforma invoice you send to the customer, equivalent to the contract), CI= commercial invoice (commercial invoice to be issued before shipment), PL= packing list (packaging list to be done before shipment).

In foreign trade terms, Po refers to an order.

The full English name of PO in foreign trade is "purchase order". It is an order sent by a customer to the seller when placing an order. The format varies from company to company, but mainly includes the buyer and seller's company name, address, phone number, specific model, description, quantity, payment method and other information of the purchased product.

In foreign trade terms, Pi is a pro forma invoice.

Proforma invoices (Proformainvoicepi) are also known as advance invoices. Exporters sometimes issue informal reference invoices for name, specification, quantity, unit price, estimated total value, etc. at the request of importers. , goods ready for export, etc. The importer applies to the domestic financial or foreign trade authority for import license and foreign exchange approval, because it is not an official document and cannot be used as the basis for accounting or collection and negotiation between both parties, so it is more non-final binding on both parties, and the contract is formally concluded A formal invoice shall be issued separately in accordance with the relevant regulations.

CI is commercial invoice in foreign trade terms

A commercial invoice is a list issued by the seller that lists the name, quantity and price of the goods. As the main document for buyers and sellers to deliver the goods and settle the payment, it is the basis for the importing country to determine import duties, and it is also the basis for buyers and sellers to file and settle claims.

Foreign trade term PL is packing list

Packing List A packing list is a supplementary document to an invoice that sets out the details of the packing items agreed upon by the buyer and seller in the letter of credit (or contract), to facilitate inspection and inspection of the goods by the foreign buyer upon arrival at the port of destination. Usually, the relevant content can be added to the commercial invoice, but when the letter of credit has clear requirements, it must be strictly followed the requirements of the letter of credit.

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