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How to distinguish the common fabrics of clothes(I)


Classification of fabrics

Fabrics are mainly divided into non-textile fabrics and textile fabrics. From another dimension, they are divided into natural fabrics and non-natural fabrics.


a, plant fiber, such as: cotton, hemp, fruit fiber

b, animal fibers, such as: wool, wool-free, silk

c. Mineral fibers, such as: asbestos


a. Regenerated fibers, such as: viscose, acetate, tencel, modal, lyocell, bamboo fiber, etc.

b. Synthetic fibers, such as: nylon, polyester, acrylic, spandex, Lycra, etc.

c. Inorganic fibers, such as: glass fibers, metal fibers, etc.

From the point of view of textile technology


The fabric is stable in structure and has no elasticity (except for fabrics with elastic fibers).


The fabric is rich in elasticity, the cloth surface is soft to the touch, comfortable and fit, breathable and easy to disperse. Simply put, it is the bigger and bigger. A hole in the hook.

The grade of the fabric is: (does not distinguish the printing and dyeing process)

Low-grade fabric: ordinary chemical fiber

Ordinary fabrics: ordinary cotton, linen

Intermediate fabrics: Lycra, Tencel and other intermediate chemical fiber fabrics and natural and blended, tussah silk, long-staple cotton, ordinary leather, etc.

Advanced fabrics: wool, mulberry silk, (fabric), calfskin, lambskin and other high-quality leather, fox fur and other ordinary furs

Top fabrics: sheep (camel hair), heavy mulberry silk fabrics, precious leather, mink and other high-grade furs.

Summary of the disadvantages of ordinary fabric fabrics:

Cotton: Below ordinary long-staple cotton, it will become hard after repeated washing

Colored cotton: only brown and green

Hemp: not anti-wrinkle, easy to fade, easy to shrink

Ordinary silk: easy to shrink, not acid, resistant to sunlight

Wool (velvet): prone to insects.

Rayon: easy to stick to the body

Modal: easy to pilling, wrinkle

Tencel: Hardening in humid and hot environments

Ice silk: easy to peel off and harden

Bamboo fiber: fragile

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