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Fabric knowledge



A. The abrasion resistance ranks first in all kinds of fabrics

B, good hygroscopicity, comfortable to wear

C, excellent elasticity and elastic recovery


A. Poor ventilation and air permeability, easy to generate static electricity;

B, heat resistance and light resistance are poor, need to pay attention to maintenance.


The performance of acrylic fiber is exactly like wool, so it was first known as "artificial wool".


A. The performance is very similar to wool, and the elasticity is good

B, acrylic fabrics are dyed brightly

C, soft, fluffy, easy to dye, bright color

D, light resistance, antibacterial, not afraid of insects


A. Poor hygroscopicity, easy to stain, and stuffy when wearing

35% cotton, 65% polyester, commonly known as "really good".


A. Good elasticity and wear resistance in dry and wet conditions

B, not easy to shrink

C. It has the characteristics of cotton fiber moisture absorption and exhaust comfort

D, not easy to wrinkle, easy to wash, quick dry


A. Do not iron at high temperature and soak in boiling water

B, easy to absorb oil

C. It is easy to generate static electricity and absorb dust

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