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Teach you how to find clothing factories and purchasing skills


Many novices who have just entered the industry will fall into trouble in the process of purchasing clothing, so how do we learn the purchasing skills in normal times, let us kamoba company share with you our experience. Teach you how to purchase goods in a dazzling array of wholesale markets or factories.

Before any novice comes in to make clothing, in fact, they should know more about the industry, for example, to know the current fashion trends and some clothing collocations, as well as some purchasing skills in the wholesale market and how some production factories are shipped. You must know how to have a good relationship with the wholesalers and how to maintain the friendship with the production factory, so that you can not only get good goods, but also get their new styles at the first time, and the price is also more favorable.

Many newbies don't know how to bargain when they come in, and they don't know how to judge the quality of trousers and clothes. They just rely on their own vision and aesthetics to judge. This is the biggest misunderstanding of newbies. What you look at and like does not mean that everyone likes it. We need to set our sights a little more, look at the clothes of some fashionable people, and look at some men and women shopping in large shopping malls. An idea, know how to see what is so-called good-looking, not your own preferences.

There is also the issue of fabrics. For many garments and trousers, the biggest difference is the level of fabrics and craftsmanship. For example, in the case of the same fabric, some are different after washing, and some are different after dyeing. It will lead to different prices, and the styles are obviously the same, but the prices are different when asked, all because of the fabric. Some fabrics are very good, soft, elastic and breathable. This kind of fabric is more expensive, while some fabrics become very hard after washing. This kind of fabric is not very good. There must be a difference in price. Know how to judge the quality of fabrics.

There is also the need to prepare in advance. Many veterans are going to prepare summer clothes before this winter is over. Although this situation is a bit risky, for veterans, they have already grasped the way to make money and know when It is cheap to buy clothes, and when to go is expensive. As long as we understand these clearly, then you can start a clothing business.

Some people say that we all take orders directly from the factory, and we can just place an order with the factory for what we want to do. We can decide what style, color, and fabric by ourselves. This is definitely right. The advantage of finding a factory is that you can choose the fabric and style yourself, and the price is relatively cheap. Regardless of spring, summer, autumn and winter, as long as you place an order, the factory will make it for you. For example, if anyone needs children's clothing, they can come to us. Of course, it takes a certain cost to find a factory to order. For example, the factory may directly order more than a few hundred pieces, but if you only want dozens of pieces, you may not be able to get the goods directly from the factory. Of course, if your business is relatively large Well, this is no longer the case.

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