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Basic and practical knowledge about wool

Basic knowledge

First of all, you need to know that only wool can be talked about in wool fabrics, and rabbit hair or something. There are only pure wool fabrics, there is no 100% statement, more than 95% can be called pure.

Once again, you must know that wool and cashmere are basically incomparable. Simply put, under the same conditions, cashmere is 8 times warmer than wool, and weighs one-fifth of wool, so there is no problem in calling it soft gold. The more bitter and cold the place, the better the cashmere, there is no way, the environment is forced.

The pros and cons of cashmere wool fabrics are generally calculated by the count (in fact, the fineness of the fibers, the finer the more expensive the better), many people think that wearing a wool coat in winter is uncomfortable, because the wool coat is heavy, that is because the It's the worst wool, no count at all. It's all pressed together like linoleum, of course.

The worsted sheep (wool) coat is not heavy at all, it is really thin and warm.

Again, you need to know that wool and cashmere fabrics also talk about the count

Low grade: below 50% gross content

Middle and low grade: 50%-95% wool content (if it is not pure wool, don’t talk about the count

Medium and high-end: pure wool fabrics with a gross content of more than 95%, 100 €€120

Luxury: 120 or less - 180 wool is close to cashmere after 100

Top luxury: pure wool fabrics higher than 180 counts

Practical knowledge

The method to pay attention to when buying wool and cashmere:

A. Don't use the method of burning, this can't be judged because it can be mixed with rabbit fur. Don't dare to wash the cashmere is not good cashmere.

B. The better the cashmere (wool) fabric, the lighter the color must be. The kind of deep purple and red is generally not a good fabric (except for special ones). In short, it means that a beautiful woman dares to face the sky and wear heavy makeup. Usually something to cover.

C. Don’t blindly look at the number of threads. The fabrics of big factories are well organized in the later stage. The texture of 100 threads can kill 130 threads of small factories in seconds.

D. Don't just think that ring velvet is good. There is a difference between "dense and thin" and "thin and thin". The real ring velvet must be more than 200 pieces.

E. Look at the logo of the sweater, the label sf24/s26s/2, 28s/2 is woolen, the higher one is called worsted, such as 48s/2 60/s120/s

F. The number of needles of cashmere sweater is different from the number of needles of fabric. In simple terms, a cashmere sweater with 7 needles and 9 needles is thick. In winter, a coat with 7 needles and 9 needles cashmere sweater is OK, 12-16 needles Not thick enough, you have to wear down to be enough, 18 stitches are worn in summer.

H. Cashmere must be allowed to rest. This is true of all good fabrics, including lambskin. Otherwise, the structure will become larger and larger, and it will be easy to lose shape. Simply put, if a cashmere sweater is worn for a day, it should be laid flat and let it rest for a day. Let the fibers stretched by gravity slowly bounce back on their own.

Identification of real and fake sweaters

How to distinguish between true and false woolen sweaters with little experience? Look at the tag, the upper is false and the lower is the real.

In fact, there will be no "color" in the color column of the tag, that is, it will only say dark gray, not dark gray.

The real hang tag inspection mark must be pasted rather than printed.

The real crafts column will definitely mark the craftsmanship, such as worsted spinning, jacquard or something, not just one and a half heights.

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