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Are polyester fiber products good or not?

Polyester fibers, also known as polyester and PET fibers, are added to many fabrics. Many people don't know much about polyester fiber, so is polyester fiber good or not?

Polyester fiber is a kind of synthetic fabric, and what we call polyester every day refers to polyester fiber. Polyester fiber is more environmentally friendly and has good elasticity. It can resist wrinkle and maintain shape when used in fabrics, and is not easy to deform. Polyester fiber has strong light resistance, strong chemical resistance, and is not easy to mold or be eaten by insects. It is a good material to use. However, polyester fiber also has shortcomings, its water absorption is relatively poor, and its air permeability is not very good.

Polyester fiber is generally used in the production of outerwear. Its version and fabric are durable, and it will not pill like cotton after wearing it for a few times. Many big brands also choose polyester fiber. However, if the polyester fiber material is used to make close-fitting clothing, there may be a problem that the breathability is not good enough. However, many manufacturers now mix polyester fibers with other fibers to achieve better performance of the fabric, and the sweat absorption and breathability have also been well improved. Sexual advantages.

Many people still worry about the safety of polyester fiber. In fact, polyester fiber is a substance with a very large molecular weight and will not be absorbed by the human body. Moreover, the products on the market have undergone layers of quality inspections. No harmful substances are produced. Even some baby products use polyester, so buy with confidence.

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