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Analysis of the development prospect of China's children's clothing market(II)

Development characteristics of China's children's clothing market

1. Children's clothing brand products are mostly concentrated in middle-aged children (4-12 years old) and infants (0-3 years old), and teenagers' clothing (12-16 years old) is not much involved. In the past two years, enterprises have paid more and more attention to Xiangying An extension of toddler and teen clothing. But as far as youth clothing is concerned, the foreign brand Adidas is doing better, and other domestic brands are rarely involved.

2, the price is concentrated in the high-end. Chinese brand children's clothing gives the impression that the price is generally expensive, similar to the price of adult clothing. The main reason is that the design, workmanship, and fabrics of the current brand children's clothing are similar to those of adult clothing, but the cost of fabrics is reduced a little.

3. Domestic and foreign brands each account for 50% of the market share, 30% of domestic products are branded, and 70% are unbranded. On the whole, there is no big brand as eye-catching as sportswear and menswear.

4. The sales channels are mainly department stores, specialty stores, main stores, boutique stores, and supermarkets. More than 90% of the brands choose to settle in shopping malls and specialty stores. Many brands of children's clothing have also begun to develop online channels, and the growth rate of sales in online channels is very fast.

5. In terms of design, children's clothing needs to highlight the trend of the times and integrate children's aesthetic needs. Strong personality and self-centeredness have become the main characteristics of children. Therefore, positioning children's clothing brands with different personalities and subdividing the market is also an idea to build children's clothing brands.

6. With Adidas, Nike, GAP and other international brands entering the Chinese children's clothing market, domestic children's clothing enterprises will also face a new round of competition from foreign countries with mature market operation experience and strong resource support. This kind of competition is not only in the current price or production capacity, but also in the overall competition of the brand. Domestic children's clothing brands have also recognized this.

7. High- and middle-grade children's clothing brands are still the sales focus of large-scale retail enterprises.

Development Prospect and Scale Forecast of China Children's Wear Market

Analysis of Development Factors of China's Children's Wear Industry

Favorable factors

1. Open the comprehensive three-child policy

The post-80s and post-90s groups account for more than 85.9% of the parenting groups. Most of them are only children. They have a favorable environment for economic growth, higher requirements for the quality of life, and pay more attention to the parenting concept of prenatal and postnatal care. Currently, almost every household is increasing spending on baby food, education, toys, clothing, and more. According to a survey by the China Children's Industry Research Center, 80% of household spending on children accounts for 30%-50% of household spending. Infant and child consumption has become one of the largest expenditures in household consumption. Infant and child consumption concentratedly reflects the consumption upgrade of household spending.

2. Income growth and consumption upgrade

3. The children's clothing industry is still in the growth stage

Compared with men's clothing, women's clothing and other clothing categories, my country's children's clothing industry started relatively late. With the change of Chinese families' consumption habits of children's clothing, domestic professional children's clothing enterprises generally began to develop after the mid-1990s. From the perspective of the industrial life cycle, my country's children's clothing industry is still in the growth stage, with the characteristics of rapid market demand growth and increased growth space. In recent years, the consumption scale of children's clothing in my country has continued to expand and maintained a relatively high growth rate.

4. The rise of online transactions

Compared with traditional channels such as department stores and brand stores on the street or in the community, online e-commerce has developed extremely rapidly as an emerging channel in recent years. With the rapid development of e-commerce platforms, logistics industry and the advent of the mobile Internet era, online shopping has become more and more convenient, and it has become one of the most important shopping channels for mother consumers.

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