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Advantages and Disadvantages of Polypropylene Fabric

Polypropylene is made of propylene extracted from petroleum. We also call this material polypropylene fiber. The fabric made of polypropylene is called polypropylene fabric. The use of polypropylene fabric is cheap and practical. The good cost performance makes polypropylene very competitive in the field of clothing. Next, I will tell you what are the advantages and disadvantages of polypropylene fabrics.

  • Advantages of Polypropylene Fabric:

The first is that polypropylene has a low density, so the fabric is light and thin. Clothes made of polypropylene fabric have no heavy feel and have good elasticity. The good elasticity of polypropylene makes it an ideal material for making fishing nets and ropes.

Secondly, polypropylene has excellent acid and alkali resistance and chemical corrosion resistance, and has good resistance to chemicals such as nitric acid, and polypropylene has quite good wear resistance, which is very good in packaging and filter materials use.

Finally, polypropylene has good strength. Although its strength is lower than that of nylon among chemical fibers, its price is much lower than that of nylon, and the cost is lower and suitable for mass production. The thermal conductivity of polypropylene itself is not high, so the warmth retention of polypropylene fabrics is still good.

  • Disadvantages of Polypropylene Fabric:

The shortcomings of polypropylene fabrics are still very prominent. For example, the hygroscopicity of the fabric is extremely poor, and it can be said that it basically does not have the ability to absorb moisture. Therefore, this kind of fabric is not suitable for making close-fitting clothing. The comfort of polypropylene fabrics is not comparable to that of pure cotton fabrics. Poor light resistance makes the fabric easy to deteriorate, so polypropylene products will age after long-term use, and they are also not resistant to high temperatures, and generally cannot be ironed.

  • The Use of Polypropylene Fabric:

Polypropylene is mainly used in the chemical and textile fields, such as the production of rope, packaging bags, and clothing.

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