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Advantages and Disadvantages of Mulberry Silk Fabrics

When it comes to fabrics, you may think of pure cotton or linen fabrics, but you may not know much about silk fabrics. We will give you a popular popularization of silk fabrics - mulberry silk fabrics, including the advantages and disadvantages of mulberry silk fabrics and the knowledge of fabric characteristics.

  • Advantages of mulberry silk fabrics:

Mulberry silk fabric has good hygroscopicity and breathability

Mulberry silk is a natural protein molecule. The characteristics of the molecule determine that mulberry silk will have strong hygroscopicity and air permeability. Of course, the metabolites on our skin will also be absorbed, which can keep the skin clean and prevent skin diseases, which is beneficial to our skin health.

Mulberry silk fabric has the function of protecting the skin

As mentioned above, mulberry silk fabrics have a skin care effect, because mulberry silk contains amino acids that are beneficial to us. These amino acids can play an anti-aging effect, thereby making our skin smoother and more elastic. Many pajamas’ fabrics on the market are Choose mulberry silk.

Mulberry silk fabric has the role of adjuvant therapy

In addition to skin care, mulberry silk fabric has therapeutic effects. Using gauze of mulberry silk fabric to wrap wounds can absorb water and promote evaporation, which has a good effect of adjuvant therapy.

Mulberry silk fabric has anti-ultraviolet ability

In the fierce sunlight, mulberry silk can block ultraviolet rays and prevent your skin from being sunburned to the greatest extent.

  • Disadvantages of mulberry silk fabrics:

Mulberry silk fabrics are easy to generate static electricity. It is not suitable to wear mulberry silk fabrics in dry or high temperature weather. After the silk fabrics are rubbed, static electricity is easily generated.

The elasticity of mulberry silk fabrics is relatively poor.

Silk fabrics are easy to be hooked, wear to prevent being hooked by sharp objects.

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