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Advantages and Disadvantages of Lycra Fabrics

  • What is Lycra Fabric:

Lycra is aliased as a pull frame, also known as spandex fabric. The fabric is made of spandex fiber. It was developed by the German Bayer company and registered as a trademark in 1959. With the excellent quality of Lycra, it quickly occupied the market after mass production. market, and has won unanimous praise from consumers. Even in today's wide variety of fabrics, Lycra fabrics still occupy a place.

  • Advantages of Lycra Fabrics:

As a new type of chemical fiber fabric, Lycra has many functional properties that other fabrics do not have. Good elasticity makes the fabric not easily deformed after stretching. This feature also provides designers with more design space and enriches styles. Whether it is pure spinning or blended spinning, as long as the clothes are made of Lycra fabrics, they are more comfortable, and the application of Lycra fabrics is not limited to clothing, but also in the textile and industrial fields.

  • Disadvantages of Lycra Fabrics:

Any fabric has advantages and disadvantages. Lycra fabrics are still chemical fibers after all. The disadvantage of chemical fiber fabrics is that they are not soft. In addition, Lycra fabrics generally cannot be used directly. They need to be blended with other fabrics. It is recommended to use them in washing. Neutral cleaning agents, otherwise chemical reactions will occur and shorten the life of the fabric.

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