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Advantaged and Disadvantages of Acetate Fibers

Acetate fiber is a man-made fiber, mainly divided into diacetate fiber and triacetate fiber. Its raw material is cellulose, which is esterified under the condition of acetic acid or acetic anhydride to make acetate fiber. Because acetate fiber fabrics have the functions of silk touch and moisture absorption and breathability, acetate fiber clothing is preferred by many consumers.

  • Advantages of Acetate Fibers:

Acetate fiber fabrics have bright colors and good drape, and have good moisture absorption and breathability. Acetate fiber also has the lightness and smoothness of silk, so acetate fiber fabrics will be more comfortable after wearing. In addition, the acetate fiber fabric does not pill and can be antistatic, and it is also widely used in clothing linings. Acetate fiber fabric will not irritate the skin and cause allergies and other problems, and its good hygroscopicity also makes the acetate fiber fabric very comfortable after wearing.

  • Disadvantages of Acetate Fibers:

The strength of acetate fiber fabric is 0.08~0.1N/tex, but the elongation rate is only 35%, and the fabric is easily torn and broken. The dyeability of acetate fiber is not good, it is difficult to color in the production process, and the alkali resistance is not strong. It is recommended not to use alkaline detergent.

  • Application of Acetate Fiber:

The good characteristics of acetate fiber make it suitable for making clothing linings. Many suits are made of acetate fiber. In addition, acetate fiber is also used in the production of underwear or pajamas. Acetate fiber can be used with polyester, nylon, etc. to make composite yarns for weaving men's and women's fashion and sportswear.

  • Acetate fabric washing method:

There are not so many restrictions on the washing method of acetate fiber fabrics. It can be washed with water or dry cleaned. It can be gently rubbed and wiped. If it is machine washed, it is best not to mix it with other fabrics. Suits made of fiber fabrics must be cleaned in a dry cleaner, otherwise the life of the suit will be shortened.

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